Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Lingerie Parlour shoot - Behind the Scenes

I was recently contacted by Leah, someone I had only met once before but had kept in contact with thanks to the wonder of Facebook, who wanted to know whether I would put a photoshoot together for her. She is opening an online vintage lingerie shop called 'The Lingerie Parlour' and wanted some beautiful photos to use for the promotion. After seeing the moodboard she'd compiled (below) I was so excited to get involved.
My friend Steph agreed to be one of the models and also kindly lent us her beautiful house as the location. The other models were Heather (who I've had the pleasure of working with many times), Hannah (whose modelling pictures I've admired for ages thanks to friends of friends and the wonder of Facebook) and Demi (whom I had met at Norwich Fashion Week when she walked in a fashion show I was helping to organise but had never shot with before).
Leah brought with her about 50 pieces including slips, petticoats, bed jackets, capes and dressing gowns. There was even a pretty special Christian Dior floor length nightie with matching gown. Teamed with pearls, diamonds and pretty ribbons all four models looked gorgeous.
Steph's bedroom is beautiful, after a lot of work from the pair of us - it used to be orange, and we filled it with beautiful bits and pieces from both our houses (and a few bits from her Mum!) We even managed to get her super cute cat in some of the shots.
The prep begins...
For the hair we had the very talented Laura Hughes. It was a pleasure to work with Laura after seeing lots of her work thanks to Facebook.

Our make up artist for the day was Kerry (aka Missy Vintage) who I have worked with on many shoots and is a brilliant make up artist (and hair stylist and photographer too actually!)

And last, but by no means least, was our wonderful photographer Stephen Taber. I had provided outfits for the model on a shoot of his about a year ago but was unable to attend the shoot so we'd never actually met. Stephen was a brilliant guy to have around on a shoot like this and put all the girls at ease. He was also super accommodating in terms of me directing the shoot, setting up his laptop so I could see the photos as he took them. I have seen a few of the photos already and I'm so happy and so excited to share them. Watch this space!
 *All photos except top are by Stephen Taber

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