Sunday, 20 October 2013

'Imperfect' Behind the Scenes

Just a very small portion of the stuff needed to style this shoot. I had a car full!

Due to the photos from this shoot *hopefully* being published in a magazine mid November I've not seen the final edits yet. But we have been allowed to show some behind the scenes taken by our super talented make up artist for this shoot, Patricia of ArtLook 4U, who also happens to be pretty handy with a camera as well as a set of make up brushes!
As you can tell from these shots, we weren't in the most glamorous of locations and it was pretty cold - you'll also see some of us were braver than others when it came to wrapping up (I took the faux fur option!)
We had a fantastic crew for this shoot and I hope to work with them all again in the not too distant future.
Photographer/Art Director: Adrian Farr
Models: Ell Davis and Elle Harris
MUA: Patricia of ArtLook 4U
Hair stylist: Missy Vintage
Videographer: James Clayden
Assistants: Amy, Katie and Sam

Poor Elle was so cold during this scene and having my cold hands down her skirt didn't help!

James the videographer was slightly braver than me wearing a short sleeved shirt.

All hands on deck to take out million of hair pins.
Amy showing Ell her final make up look.
Watch this space for the final shots next month!

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