Friday, 16 August 2013

The Finding

The Finding
Photographer: Adrian Farr
Models: Ell Davis, Elle Harris, Heather Spanton, Nakita Grady and Amanda Santos
Hair/MUA: Missy Vintage
Last Friday 5 models, 2 photographers, 1 hair and makeup artist, myself and my 4 year old all headed off to a farm in the middle of nowhere. The shoot was a experimental one called The Finding. Photographer Adrian wanted to try out a new lens which created blurry, slightly out of focus and mostly black and white, photos. The brief style wise was for black, classic looks that weren't too fussy. I took with me a few pieces of my own, along with a lot of accessories, and the girls brought anything they thought might be suitable for me to look through.
I had decided I really wanted to do a look with just black short shorts/knickers and a blazer. I had about 6 blazers to choose from but the first one I picked worked a treat and model Nakita had brought with her a tiny pair of black hotpants and, as she had legs TO DIE FOR, that was her look sorted. Accessorized with a vintage yellow cocktail ring I was given for my birthday, a real ruby and gold necklace (borrowed from a friend of mine) and high black heels.

Ell was the tallest of the girls, again with legs that went on forever, so I put her in a super short dress (which I believe was her own) accessorised with strings of pearls and beads, a silver bangle and her own anklet.

We had another Elle on set, this one a little shorter with an enviable chest so I put her in a plunging Calvin Klein number (also borrowed from the same friend I borrowed a lot of the jewellery from). My daughter had been messing around with the jewellery and had put this pearl necklace around her head and I thought it looked lovely. I had already given Elle a pearl bracelet (which I wore on my wedding day) so she was the perfect choice for the pearl 'head piece'. 

Amanda was one of the first models I ever worked with when I started styling and is one of the loveliest girls you could ever meet. She had worn this dress of mine on a shoot before so we knew it looked great on her. Worn with a chunky gold necklace I picked up in Primark and some gold bangles.

Beautiful Heather is teeny tiny so I put her in a skin tight black midi dress, which belonged to one of the other girls, to really show off her amazing figure. A gold bangle from Primark (I love Primark for jewellery, especially statement pieces for shoots) and a long gold necklace from Dorothy Perkins. Heather and my little girl have met a couple of times now and get on famously. I noticed a BTS shot being taken of them both sharing a bag of Jelly Babies which I'm hoping will surface at some point!

Kerry (aka Missy Vintage) worked tirelessly doing both the hair and make up for all 5 girls and I think she did an amazing job. The looks were all very dark with dark red/black lips, dark eyes and gorgeous hair that was 'a bit crazy' in my daughter's opinion.
There was a second photographer with us on the day, Rob Dodsworth, who was taking behind the scenes and pictures of his own. From what I saw on his camera on the day there are some beautiful shots coming from him too which I will share once I have them.
I had an absolute blast on this shoot, one of my absolute favourites ever, and hope to work with all the lovely people involved again.


That's a wrap!


  1. Sooo beautiful! These shots look amazing!

    Lorraine x

  2. Great post Abi! It was a great, fun shoot to be involved in. All credit to Ady, he made that lens work hard for him. I will of course share some images with you shortly x