Friday, 30 August 2013

Splash of the Rainbow

I am so, so excited to share these with you.
Adrian came to me as he was planning a colourful, avant garde pool shoot. He was shooting some pieces created by local designer Gabriella Wisdom ( but as he wasn't able to get them wet he needed a few extra outfits to shoot in the pool itself. The brief couldn't have been more different from the last shoot we did together although two of the models, Nakita and Elle, were on board so it was nice to all work together again. The shoot was in collaboration with Norwich Fashion Week.
I borrowed a few bikini's from slim friends of mine, bought some over the top, bright coloured jewellery from Primark and a local charity shop and along with some floaty tops headed off to our amazing location. The pool was kindly supplied by Linda of Epic Studios ( is her amazing back garden. Amy and Katie assisted Adrian, making sure he didn't fall in the pool whilst he balanced precariously on step ladders in and around the pool etc and Katie very kindly kept an eye on my little one who had, once again, come along and spent the afternoon in the pool.

This look is compiled of a bikini top of Elle's, bottoms of Nakita's, a top borrowed from Elle's friend and jewellery of mine. The bangle was 50p from a charity shop and the earrings I've had for years. I used an Essie polish in a bright coral on her nails.

The make up looks were created by the incredibly talented Patricia of ArtLook 4U. We had worked together once before on a boho beach shoot where the brief was for very natural make up but I knew Pat's passion lay in bright, colourful looks. The crazy colours that worked so well for this shoot and really quite suited the models (who would've thought blue lipstick could look so good?) Both the girls have absolutely beautiful hair so not much was needed in the way of hair styling.

This look is a combination of my friends hot pink 'La Perla' bikini, the designers shorts, a Primark necklace and bright blue nails.

And so we come to my absolute favourite photo from this shoot. I can't get over how much I love this shot (I've even changed to the profile picture of my blog Facebook page - check it out here if you haven't already!) and honestly believe it wouldn't be out of place in the pages of a high end fashion magazine.
We finished the shoot with this group shop. It makes me smile every time I see it!
L-R Me, Patricia, Elle, Nakita, Adrian, Amy and Katie
Adrian and I have a couple of exciting photoshoots in the pipelines so they will be coming up over the next few months.
I also have several more shoots with different photographers to show you soon including a boudoir and a portrait shoot.

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  1. Great read Abi. Thank you. I'm so pleased with this shoot but even happier that everyone's favourite is the same as my all time favourite image. I look forward to working with you again on many more shoots and can't wait for plenty more fun group shots, my next one has to be even bigger and better (I already have a good idea for the Imperfect shoot).